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Salton Sea

Located in the southeast corner of California, the Salton Sea is actually a lake which occupies a desert basin known as the Salton Sink. With a surface area of 376 square miles, the Salton Sea is larger than Lake Tahoe and Mono Lake. In fact, it’s the largest lake in California. One of the attractions of the Sea is the abundance of life, manifested in the hundreds of species of birds that reside in, or visit, this important wetland habitat, and the fish that inhabit the waters. That is why some scientists have called the Salton Sea “California’s crown jewel of avian biodiversity.” At one time, it was also considered the most productive fishery in the world. The Salton Sea Authority is currently in charge of the revitalization of this impressive body of water. For more information, visit

Salton Sea Recreational Opportunities. In addition to bird watching and fishing, the Salton Sea and its immediate vicinity offer such recreational opportunities as boating, camping, off-roading, hiking, hunting, use of personal watercraft and photography. One of the main attractions is the Salton Sea State Recreation Area, which features 1,400 campsites in five campgrounds, hundreds of picnic sites, trails, playgrounds, boat ramps and a visitor’s center. For more information, visit